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In-flight entertainment

    Air Berlin understands how important it is to keep yourself and your young ones amused during a flight, those hours spent in air should bring you relaxation and rejuvenation. That’s the reason why the airline has set up a comprehensive entertainment system for every kind of flight, short-, medium- and long-haul.

Entertainment on short-haul and medium-haul flights

    Say hello to an array of choices, out inflight entertainment is regularly updated and offers something to interest one and all. In addition to a radio program featuring current hits, classical music and jazz, you can enjoy our onboard TV with serials, cartoons and music videos. A film is shown on all routes with a flight time of over four hours.

    In case you happen to like reading more than gluing in on a personal TV screen, enjoy from our wide selection of complimentary local and national daily newspapers as well as journals and high-quality magazines. On German domestic flights you can select your reading material even before you board the aircraft.

Entertainment on long-haul flights

    Taking a long-haul journey to some place far? Well then, keep yourself wonderfully entertained with the best movies, music videos and short film reports. You also have a choice of up to 12 music channels ranging from classical music to pop. Additionally, we keep a large selection of current newspapers and magazines for our customers on board free of charge.

Entertainment in Air Berlin’s Business Class

    The finest of entertainment served personally through screens integrated in your seat, we ensure that your Air Berlin’s Business Class experience is that of maximum comfort, convenience and enjoyment.

    For the inflight entertainment you will normally be able to use standard headphones, e.g. ones that are used with an MP3 player. We also offer headphones on board at a price of 3 euros. On long-haul flights the use of our headphones is free of charge.

Air Berlin Service Class

    Air Berlin’s carefully selected meals for every flight are sure to enhance your wining and dining experience. For a more comprehensive knowledge of our menus, read on:

    Drinks selection

    Air Berlin offers coffee, tea, soft drinks or fruit juices free of charge. There is also a selection of alcoholic drinks. For current prices, you can refer to the list of beverages on board. On long-haul flights our crew shall be delighted to provide all alcoholic beverages free of charge.

    Catering service on short-haul and medium-haul flights

    With a flight time of up to 4 hours, you are headed for some delicious free snacks or sandwiches served by our crew on board our short-haul and medium-haul flights. On flights with a flight time of more than 4 hours we will serve a range of complimentary bagels and baguettes, nibbles and chocolate bars.

    Sansibar gourmet menus

    On several of Air Berlin routes with a flight time of 1 hour or longer, we also offer freshly prepared gourmet meals designed by Sansibar. Depending on the time of day or season of the year, there’s a range of specialties you can enjoy exclusively designed for Air Berlin by Herbert Seckler, who runs the famous Sansibar restaurant on the German island of Sylt. However, in order to enjoy these meals, you need to place an order no more than 30 days and at least 48 hours before the flight. During this period you can also pre-order your gourmet meal when you book your flight online.

    Catering service on long-haul flights

    On Air Berlin’s long-distance flights to Asia, North America, South Africa and the Caribbean, travelers are served two meals in the Economy Class, that is, one main meal with a choice of two hot dishes, and a cold meal or snack. You can also pre-order free special menus. These include: meals for kids, vegetarian meals, gluten-free meals, lactose-free meals, vegan meals, meals for diabetics, kosher meals (also available on flights to/from Tel Aviv), and Muslim meals.

    Food and drink in Air Berlin’s Business Class

    When you choose to travel through our Business Class, you make a choice to enter into a realm of utmost elegance, be it entertainment or food. We serve a multi-course menu in elegant surroundings on board our Business Class. There is a choice of several main courses and if you happen to be a little too hungry, we will serve you snacks, fruit and sandwiches in between. You are welcomed on board with a drink and our wide selection of beverages, including select red and white wines that are available to you during the flight.

    One of the most visited cities in the world, Berlin holds much awe and attraction in its vague. For a city that has seen tough times, experienced immense destruction during war times and then risen from the ashes just like phoenix, Berlin makes for quite an intriguing destination to visit. Every nook and cranny embeds within itself a story, mystery and a magical element that makes the city so darn interesting for hundreds and thousands of tourists. A wonderful amalgamation of the old and the new, the past and the present, and the classic and the contemporary can be encountered here. It is only in Berlin that you can:

    1. Click pictures of the last remaining gate used in the medieval times. The Brandenburg Gate.

    Undoubtedly, one of Berlin's most important landmarks and a symbol of the city, it was built to denote peace in 1788. The Brandenburg Gate, therefore, becomes ironic that during the Cold War and the time where Berlin was split between east and west, that the Brandenberg Gate sat in no mans land between the two states.

    2. Have a dekko at Berlin’s most impressive museums. The Pergamon Museum.

    If you don’t have much time in the city and are still looking forward to visit a museum in Berlin, this should be your first and foremost choice, the Pergamon Museum. It is located on Museum Island and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The Pergamon is divided into several areas including Near East Museum, the Islamic Art Museum, Folk Museum and the Antiquity Collection. There is also an Ancient Coin Museum. Its main focus is on ancient and early modern history.

    3. A striking and historical landmark of Berlin with a colorful political history to boot. Reichstag

    The impressive neo-renaissance Reichstag building, completed in 1894 and today the seat of the German government, has ben host to many key political historical events.

    4. Experience what the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall looks like. The East Side Gallery

    The East Side Gallery is the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall and today acts as a memorial to freedom the world over. Here you can see almost 106 paintings all painted on the east side of the wall that was, before its collapse, completely empty.

    5. Pay homage to those who perished during the Nazi occupation of Germany. The Holocaust Memorial.

    The Holocaust memorial is dedicated to the memory of the thousands of Jews murdered by the Third Reich prior to and during World War II. It took over a year to complete and was opened in December 2004.

    As one of the leading airlines in Europe, Air Berlin flies to 162 destinations in 40 countries, of which 25 airports are in Germany. A full member of the Oneworld alliance, the airline offers flights under code-share with American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Royal Jordanian, S7 and Japan Airlines. Its main hubs are Berlin-Tegel, Dusseldorf, Palma de Mallorca and Vienna. With a very attractive price-performance ratio, Air Berlin serves business and leisure travelers alike. Things like a snack, hot and cold drinks, newspapers and magazines on board are always free. We provide with various discounts for children and groups, and 23 kg baggage allowance even for children under 2 years.

Our fleet

    We have one of the youngest fleets in Europe and regularly replace our aircraft. This means Air Berlin is always at the cutting edge of technology. As a result we can ensure that our fleet remains safe, economical and environmentally sound. Our fleet comprises 165 aircrafts with an average age of five years. These include Airbus 330-300s / 330-200s, 321-200s, 320-200s, and 319-112s / 319-132s, Boeing 737-800s and Boeing 737-700s, and Q400s.


    Air Berlin frequent flyer program ‘topbonus’ is liked and used by thousands of loyal customers. A free of charge program, it provides you with many possibilities to collect miles and work towards your next free flight even quicker. Travelers receive status and award miles on all flights with Air Berlin and NIKI. Even when they use the services of Air Berlin’s numerous topbonus partners or use the airberlin VISA Card to go shopping, they receive award miles that you can redeem for worldwide free flights.

    A program that can be used online, is highly flexible in nature and super versatile, travelers can do much more than just mileage redemption with topbonus. A time span of three years is what the travelers have to collect topbonus award miles, that is the time for how long they remain valid. One can always exercise the option to buy the missing miles that one requires for an award flight.


Air Berlin stands for quality and that is reflected in our many awards and accolades.
  • In February 2012, Air Berlin is voted “Airline of the Year” for fourth year running.

  • In December 2011, Air Berlin received sustainability rating from oekom research AG.

  • In October 2011, Air Berlin received award from Fuerteventura Tourist Office.

  • In October 2011, Air Berlin in Majorca receives award from “Capital” magazine.

  • In October 2010, Air Berlin wins Danish Travel Award.

  • December 2009, Air Berlin gains award for sustained performance.

  • December 2008, World Travel Award.

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