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    Air New Zealand is the national airline carrier of New Zealand. Currently, it is the only airline that is able to fly around the world. Its mission and vision has always been focused on passenger safety, security and comfort.
    Air New Zealand flies to 26 international destinations and 27 domestic destinations in 14 countries across continents such as Oceania, North America, Europe and Asia.

Largest Hubs

    Air New Zealand’s largest hubs are the Auckland International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Christchurch International Airport and Wellington International Airport.

Popular Routes

    Some of Air New Zealand’s most popular destinations include China, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia and New Zealand.
    Members of "Airpoints Dollars," Air New Zealand’s frequent flyer program, earn points by the face value of the airline’s flights. Privileges vary according to the points you have acquired and member status.

Cabin Amenities and Classes

    All classes in Air New Zealand have individual entertainment systems for international flights. Passengers get to watch movies and TV shows, play games or listen to music. The airline also has the world’s greatest chefs for the most delicious and creative menus. A great selection of the best wines and beverages are also offered. The classes can be briefly described as follows:

    Pacific Economy — Note that this class and the services offered may vary according to your destination. For international flights, this cabin was designed for comfortable travel, with food and beverages being offered. For domestic flights, delicious light snacks will be served. For Tasman and Pacific flights, passengers should expect light, café meals to be served. The generous space provided for each passenger will surely make you as comfortable as you want to be.

    Pacific Premium Economy — seats in this class are capable of reclining for more space and legroom. This is best for long haul flights where passengers get to stretch out and relax. Individual entertainment systems are also provided. Cocktails and full-range menus are provided for international flights.

    Business Class/Premier — this class is offered in some of Air New Zealand’s aircrafts depending on your destination such as Tasman and Pacific flights, or long haul international flights. Business Class for Tasman and Pacific flights has adjustable seats with footrest and armrests for more comfortable travel. Lumbar support is provided for additional comfort. Individual entertainment systems are provided. With Business Premier for international flights, seats can turn into fully reclining beds for the most comfortable flight.

Baggage Policy

    Limits on the number of bags that are allowed for check in or hand-carry will depend on your destination or the class you are enrolled to. For domestic flights, passengers are allowed only one checked bag with a maximum weight of 55 lbs. For flights to the Pacific and other international flights, economy passengers should have maximum of two bags weighing 101 lbs while for business passengers, two bags with maximum of 140 lbs. For carry-on baggage, weight should not exceed 33 lbs.
    Air New Zealand’s headquarters is located at Auckland, New Zealand.

Airline Codes

    Air Canada’s IATA code is NZ, ICAO code is ANZ and Callsign is New Zealand.
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