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    AirTran Airways is a low-cost airline operated by the Delaware Corporation that is most popular to business travelers. Their new airplanes offer affordable business class flights. They offer world-class services to all clients, which is why the number of passengers traveling with them has been growing for the past years. Although less popular compared with many of the major airlines, AirTran continues to remain in its competitive position.

Service Areas

    AirTran has 750 daily departures in the US alone. Destinations include Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York and Washington.

Largest Hubs

    AirTran Airways’ largest hubs are Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Orlando International Airport, Chicago Midway Airport, General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Logan International Airport in Boston.

Popular Routes

    Some of AirTran’s most famous routes are to Mexico, New York, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Seattle, Texas, New Jersey, Minnesota and Florida.

Frequent Flyer Program

    AirTran’s Frequent Flyer Program is called the A+ Rewards.

Cabin Amenities and Classes

    AirTran is popular for its business class amenities that come at very affordable prices. Business class offers more legroom with two-by-two seats that you will enjoy — you can stretch out more and relax more especially during long flights. Business class passengers also enjoy a waiving fee for any first and second baggage not exceeding the weight of 70 pounds. Complimentary cocktails are also offered.

    Passengers in the economy class equally enjoy the comfort that they need when traveling. True enough, whether you are traveling for a business trip or with your family and friends, AirTran gives you the space and entertainment that you need. There is free XM Satellite radio provided in every seat, and an 18 percent increased capacity on the overhead storage area provided for passengers. There are 3 modern lavatories, a baby changing station, moveable armrests and curtains closing in the rear lavatory for those with special needs. Children and adults with special needs are given the utmost attention.

Baggage Policy

    For carry-on baggage, all passengers are entitled to bring one carry-on bag and a personal item not exceeding the weight of 20 lbs. Examples of personal items are cameras, umbrellas, walking sticks, infant food, laptop computer, reading material, purse or handbag.

    Personal items such as crutches, canes or other similar devices should be capable of being collapsed to fit inside the overhead bins or underneath a passenger’s seat. These are not going to count against your baggage limit. All carry-on items should not exceed 55 inches in overall dimensions. Sharp objects that are considered a threat to life (such as knives or ice picks) are not allowed to be carried inside the aircraft.

    For check-in baggage, all passengers are entitled to 50 lbs of total baggage weight. Those with 51 lbs or above will be charged with overweight baggage fee, which is $15 for the first bag and $25 for the second bag.


    AirTran has its headquarters located at the Orlando International Airport, where its secondary hub is also located.

Airline Codes

    AirTran’s International Air Transport Association (IATA) code is FL, its International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) code is TRS and its call sign is CITRUS.
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