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    Whether you dream of seeing the awe inspiring wilds and glaciers of Patagonia in Chile and Argentina, visiting historic Quito on your way to Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, tasting the award winning wines of Chile, touring Peru's exotic jungle destinations along the mighty Amazon or discovering the ancient mystery of Machu Picchu - LAN Airlines and its affiliates can take you there. Together, we fly to over 50 destinations in South America.

    We offer passengers world class standards of quality and service and are a member of the oneworld alliance. Partial map of destinations below:

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Traveling LAN

In-flight entertainment

    With our entertainment system on board your trip will go flying by!

    Within our own programming for 2011 you will find 47 films including premieres and different categories of movies to choose from, including a variety of highly successful Latin American movies. In addition, you will have access to more than 123 television series and programs, including, exclusively, the first season of In Treatment and the successful series, The Simulators.

    Our music library has more than 750 CDs so you can make your own playlist or, if you prefer, you can enjoy one of the 10 radio channels available in the cabin. Economy customers enjoy their own 8.9 inch screen at every seat on long-haul flights. And, as always, you can have fun with our 20 onboard games, playing alone or with other passengers.

    Additional information in the IN Magazine

LAN Service Classes

    Enjoy the comfort of our Premium Business class seats when traveling to South America. Enjoy the space and entertainment of Premium Economy or discover the exclusive design of our Economy Class.

    Welcome to the Premium Business experience
    Relax on a state-of-the-art seat that becomes a bed. Enjoy our friendly service on board during your trip to South America and take pleasure in a menu of exquisite food elaborated by famous chefs and wines selected by the most awarded South American sommelier. Get ready to experience Premium Business Class! It's more than just sleeping, it's relaxing.

    More details, better quality
    LAN Airlines' Premium Business class offers an on-board-service very few airlines worldwide are able to deliver. We offer a new traveling concept based on what passengers value most on every trip: care for their sleep and top-notch service. Take pleasure in our crew's friendliness and daze at our lavish menu and extraordinary wine list when traveling with LAN to South America.Specifications: A menu specially designed by celebrity chefs featuring regional South American natural products. In addition, a variety of noble wines from this area of the world, exclusively selected by Latin America's only Master Sommelier, Hector Vergara.

    Discover Economy class ambience and comfort
    New upholstery, more space, a wide range of onboard entertainment and the friendliest service for a memorable flight experience. Enjoy ergonomic, reclining seats with adjustable head supports, designed specifically for your comfort when you travel to South America.

    Specifications: Seats with an ergonomic design and adjustable headrest. The distance between seats is 32 inches.

    Our onboard entertainment makes flights seem shorter-
    There may be hours of flying between you and your destination in South America, but our flights have been designed especially so that time and distance become irrelevant. Enjoy your personal entertainment system, which will surprise you with music, videos and games for all tastes.

    Specifications: Each seat has a high-definition screen measuring 8.9 inches and an audio-video system which can be used at the passenger's discretion, with a choice of 47 films (8 premieres and 39 blockbusters), 123 channels with series, 750 CDs and 20 games (only on indicated flights).

    A quality service
    We want you to know that we always aim to offer you the best onboard service, with attention to the smallest of details, like a smile. You'll also enjoy the tastes, smells and colors of Economy class's specially chosen meals and snacks.

Only in South America

Only in South America you can...

Follow Darwin's footsteps. Galapagos Islands.
Consult with the Galapagos ancients. Giant tortoises are the longest living vertebrates on Earth, averaging over 100 years and able to survive for up to a year without food or drink.

Solve the mystery of the Moai, Easter Island.
Easter Island is known by the local natives as "Te Pito or Te Henua" (the belly button of the world). This Polynesian scenery is studded with over 600 ancient stone statues, called Moai, of up to 20 feet high, used by the islanders to worship their ancestors.

Discover a Lost City again and again. Machu Picchu.
The Incas built Machu Picchu in the 15th century; the "city" lay undiscovered, nearly 8,000 feet above sea level, until an archaeologist found it in 1911. Perched atop a mountain ridge high in the Andes, this UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Breathe through the lungs of the planet. Amazon Jungle.
Discover the exclusive attractions of this exuberant paradise, home to the greatest biodiversity on earth.

Be welcomed with open arms. Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The Statue of Christ blessing the city with open arms stands on the hill of Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, which is 2,400 feet tall. The Christ of Corcovado stands 100 feet high covered in a mosaic of soapstone.

See a drop of water unite three countries, Iguazu Falls.
On the natural border of Argentina with Brazil and Paraguay, you can find the most stunning falls in all of South America, with more than 275 individual falls across 2 miles and an average height of 230 feet each.

Hit the Slopes all summer long. The Andes Range.
The Andes is the world's longest continental mountain range, providing Chile and Argentina with spectacularly beautiful snowy slopes.

Travel to South America with LAN Airlines and allow us to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Check out our deals to South America.

About LAN

LAN Airlines has more than 82 years of experience serving passengers and cargo clients. 45,000 people choose the company's services every day, which means passengers can depend on our consistency and ability to stand out from the rest, providing the best possible travel experience.

LAN Fleet

    LAN operates a fleet of 103 aircraft, including the Boeing 767-300ER, the Airbus A340-300 and the A320 family of aircraft. LAN is a customer of the next-generation Boeing 787 Dreamliner, with over 30 787 aircraft on order. LAN's dedication to operating the most modern and efficient fleet has seen winglets added to the fleet of 767 aircraft, improving fuel economy and lowering environmental impact.

LAN Pass Benefits




    Earn kilometers/miles with LAN, its' affiliate airlines, and ANY of the oneworld® partner airlines (American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, and more) associated partner companies and many promotions throughout the year.

    Redeem Rewards to fly free on LAN, its' affiliate airlines and ANY of the oneworld® partner airlines!

LAN Visa Card

    People and places stay with you for a lifetime. The LANPASS Visa® Credit Card puts those extraordinary experiences within reach. Simply use the LANPASS Visa Credit Card - from paying bills, purchasing airline tickets to dining out to shopping for groceries - and you'll earn miles you can redeem for unforgettable trips via LAN Airlines, its Affiliated carriers and any of the oneworld® partner airlines. Details at

LAN Awards

LAN Airlines has been repeatedly awarded by the industry for its excellence in flight. The latest recognitions for the airline include:
  • SkyTrax World Airline Awards, 2010: "Best South American Airline."

  • Global Traveler Magazine, 2010 selected LAN's business class wine list as the second best in the world. In addition wines from LAN's Premium Business wine list, Altair 2004, Alto Cachapoal Valley (Chile) and Brut Premier Louis Roederer (France) received fourth place accolades for the best in the world in the red wine and sparkling categories, respectively.

  • Business Traveler Magazine, 2009: named LAN Airline's Premium Business Class as the best Business Class to South America

  • Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine, 2009: named LAN Airlines among the top 10 airlines in the world weathering the global economic crisis

  • Airline Business magazine, 2009: Granted Enrique Cueto, LAN Airlines CEO the Executive Leadership Award
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