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Norwegian Destinations

    Norwegian Air Shuttle, operating as Norwegian, is the second largest air carrier in Scandinavia. This low-cost airline is also the ninth largest air carrier in Europe in terms of the number of passengers carried. Apart from having an extensive domestic route network spread across the Scandinavian, Norwegian also offers scheduled flight services to several business destinations like London, as well as low-frequency international flight service. It has operating bases at Copenhagen,Stockholm-Arlanda, Oslo-Gardermoen, Trondheim, Helsinki-Vantaa, Bergen, Stavanger and Sandefjord, Malaga, Las Palmas and is due to open bases in London Gatwick and Alicante. The airline serves a total of 115 destinations in 30 countries spread across three continents. Norwegian serves the business and leisure market in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, including destinations like Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Berlin, Birmingham, Budapest, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Liverpool, Madrid, London, Milan, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Venice, Vienna and Zurich.

Traveling Norwegian

    Be ready to get pleasantly surprised when taking a flight with Norwegian! Offering great food with freshest of ingredients, the menu served online suits the choice of most passengers. Pre-ordering food at least 72 hours in advance ensures that the airline carries exactly what you expect to eat during your flight. The pre-order menu of Norwegian includes light meal and hot meal including beer, wine and mineral water, as well as an option of kids menu or special meal requirement. When it comes to entertainment, the airline screens films on flights of over 3 1/2 hours duration on-board its Boeing 737-800 aircrafts. Within Europe, Norwegian is the first airline to offer WiFi on board.

Only in Norway

    When describing the natural beauty Norway is blessed with, it is just not possible to overstate! From the picturesque cities and centres of Christian pilgrimage to pine-topped cliffs and scenic waterfronts, there is so much to see and do in Norway that one is likely to be spoilt for choice. The place is an absolute haven for outdoor enthusiasts! Go fishing or enjoy skiing in one of the state’s awe-inspiring resorts, there will never be a dull moment during your Norwegian sojourn. It is only here that you’ll find-

• Ålesund

    Home to an excellent collection of beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, Ålesund is one destination which cannot be overlooked. The picturesque buildings here were built almost a century ago and today make for a great attraction.

• Bergen

    The beautiful city of Bergen abounds in several great attractions, including Troldhaugen, former home of composer Edvard Grieg and the famous fish market. A stroll along wooden warehouses of the Bryggen harbour side area is an absolute must for all visitors.

• Pulpit Rock

    Overlooking the blue waters of Lysefjord, the Pulpit Rock is sits pretty atop a jutting 600m-tall cliff. Hikers would simply enjoy the stunning view it offers! The rock can also be viewed by taking a cruise along Lysefjord.

• Svalbard

    It is Europe’s only destination that is home to the Polar Bears! Located in the extreme north, more than half of Svalbard is covered with glaciers. Also worth seeing are its dramatic crags and beautiful mountains.

• Hardanger Fjord

    Located 75km east of Bergen, Hardanger Fjord is one of Norway’s most sought after attractions. From hiking trails and cherry orchards to mountain plateaux and beautiful waterways, almost every kind of natural landscape found in Norway can be witnessed here. The place is also home to Hardangervidda, largest national park of Norway, two of the country’s largest glaciers, as well as some of the most popular waterfalls.

About Norwegian

    Norwegian Air Shuttle, founded in January 1993, took over the regional services of Busy Bee for Braathens. The airline, based in Bergen, was formed and owned by former employees of Busy Bee. It has been re-branded as Norwegian since September 2002. The Norwegian group includes its parent company Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, as well as wholly-owned subsidiaries like Norwegian Air Shuttle Polska Sp.zo.o and Norwegian Air Shuttle Sweden AB. While it’s Norwegian Air Shuttle that handles all the flight operations, the subsidiaries manage sales, marketing and personnel within specific areas. Norwegian Air Shuttle fully owns the telephone company Call Norwegian and NAS Asset Management Norway. The airline is a member of European Low Fares Airline Association. Norwegian is headquartered at “Diamanten” building Fornebu (Bærum), Norway, and has its operating bases at Alicante, Bergen, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Malaga, Oslo-Torp, Oslo-Gardermoen, Stavanger, Stockholm-Arlanda, Trondheim, Gothenburg-Landvetter and Gran Canaria.

Our Fleet

    As of January 2013, Norwegian offers its services with the help of a fleet of 70 aircraft, all Boeing 737s, and is known for its distinctive livery of white with a red nose, with the tail fin featuring a portrait of one of the noteworthy Scandinavians. May 2012 onwards, the airline intends to start its long-haul operations using a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft.

Our Benefits

    Norwegian Reward is the frequent flyer program of Norwegian. On all flights of the airline, be it for business or leisure purpose, members can earn personal CashPoints. Every time a member books a flight with the airline, he receives not just points but also several exclusive and interesting offers per month. The points earned can be redeemed for an award flight, seat reservations, ticket changes or free excess check-in luggage.
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