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    US Airways is the fifth largest of the airlines in the United States. This airline in the United States maintains more than 500 planes serving primarily the United States. US Airways also has flights into and out of the Caribbean Islands and Europe. US Airways has struggled financially since the September 11 attacks, as have the other major airlines, but the company maintains a flight schedule of more than 3,100 flights daily.
    The 3,130 flights per day that US Airways handles include stops in 247 cities spread throughout 30 countries. The majority of the flights are in the United States.

Largest Hubs

    Unlike other major airlines, US Airways has only three hubs. These hotspot locations are Charlotte, NC; Philadelphia, PA; and Phoenix, AZ.

Popular Routes

    Most of the airline’s routes follow the eastern seaboard of the United States. The most popular flights are ones that connect the following airports: Philadelphia International, Boston Logan International, New York’s La Guardia and Washington’s Ronald Reagan National
    As with other major airlines, US Airways has a frequent flyer program called Dividend Miles. US Airways has partnerships with a number of retailers to give their program members points for making other purchases. These points add up to allow the traveler to get tickets for free or to receive discounts on other items.

Cabin Amenities and Classes

    US Airways offers four classes of tickets. The Envoy Sleeper Seats are the top-level seats. These seats, available only on the Airbus 330, fully recline to allow the passenger to sleep comfortably. These seats, which number only six per flight, have a built-in screen for viewing movies or playing games. Some rumors indicate the possibility of losing the Envoy Sleeper Seats in the near future. The Envoy Class is the international business class and has the on-demand screen, but the seats do not recline as far. Both classes have EmPower adapters which allow passengers to use electronic devices without plugging them into electrical outlets. Both Envoy classes receive the same food and beverage choices, all of which are free.

    First class is the best domestic seating available. Similar to the Envoy classes, these seats have EmPower adapters. These passengers also receive free alcohol, food, and other drinks. Economy class has the smallest seats available. Passengers in this class may have access to on-demand screens and EmPower outlets, but US Airways does not guarantee this amenity. While soft drinks, water, and coffee are free, passengers must buy snacks or meals on longer flights in the economy class.

Baggage Policy

    US Airways has a stringent baggage policy, but they have plans to roll out a new policy in mid-July 2009. Under the new policy, the cost for the first checked bag under 50 pounds and paid for online will be $15, a $5 savings from the price of paying at the airport. The second piece of luggage will be $25 online and $30 at the airport. US Airways accepts additional baggage at the hefty price of $100 each. The airline does not accept bags more than 100 pounds.
    After a merger between US Airways and America West, US Airways headquarters moved to Tempe, Arizona, USA.

Airline Codes

    The ICAO code for US Airways is USA while the IATA code is US. The call sign “CACTUS” identifies US Airways and is a holdover from America West, an airline that merged with US Airways in 2004.
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